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ROBSON products are designed and produced for the most challenging conditions, to offer maximum performance for both recreational and pro paddlers. ROBSON strive to produce the best possible products, constantly re-innovating our equipment to meet the ever-changing demands of a growing market. Distributed all around the world, our customer base is constantly expanding as our reputation spreads.

Supplying some of the world’s top freestyle boaters, it is clear that ROBSON products do more than simply compete in the market. In some sectors they dominate it. The success of our products is reflected in the exceptional performance of or team riders.

In the past few years ROBSON has expanded from producing kayaks and paddles, and launched a kayaking apparel range, doubled our touring and sit on top range, and redesigned some of our most popular freestyle and white water kayaks.

ROBSON are working at the forefront of innovation in terms of materials and product development to launch their new Armerlite (LOGO) range of kayaks and open canoes.
The Armerlite Range are performance products, designed for superior handling and manoeuverability. The Armerlite(LOGO) thermo-composite supersedes rotation-moulded plastics offering a lighter more durable woven structure.

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