Canadian Canoe
Robson Paddle
Robson Hopi

A streamlined, balanced, compact Canadian Canoe made from long-lasting
3 layer Polyethylene for more bouyancy, the Hopi is the choice for canoe centres and rentals. It comes with three comfortable seats made of webbing and is ideal for group and family excursions, with ample room for all your belongings. It has a strong, durable shape which paddles with ease, and has handles at the bow and stern to make it easy to carry

Robson Hopi

Length: 450 cm 14´9” | Width : 92 cm 36” | Height: 48 cm 19” | Weight: 40 kg 88 lbs | Capacity: 250 kg 550 lbs | Material: PE linear

Robson Brooks 16

The Brooks 16 is the big brother of the Homes, boasting an extra six feet in length to offer greater speed and remarkable capacity.
It is a classic open boat shape made from the revolutionary armerlite(logo) material. Manufactured with three cane seats and waxed ash gunnels for the traditional look, it also draws on new thermo-composite materials to offer a modern monocoque structure. Its lightweight properties make it much easier for paddlers to carry.
Stable in the water, it is spacious and easy to manoeuvre and transport.

There is no better Canadian canoe for a paddling trip through the wilderness. It parts water gracefully at the bow and glides with ease through flat water or rapids. This truly is the life of luxury

Robson Brooks

Length: 488 cm 16´ | Width : 92 cm 36” | Height: 48 cm 19” | Weight: 28 kg 61,5 lbs | Capacity: 250 kg 550 lbs | Material: Armerlite (LOGO)

Robson Homes

The Homes is a white water open canoe with an easy paddling hull and streamlined shape. Ideal for exploring the waters of tree-lined banks, whitewater rapids or fishing trips, the Homes will take you wherever you want to go in style.

The ARMERLITE(logo) material is a thermo-composite that offers a strong woven structure, improved performance and manoeuvrability, and easier carrying and handling. Its lightweight properties make it much easier for paddlers to carry.
This boat is manufactured with great attention to detail. It comes with waxed ash gunnels, airbags, adjustable footrest, foam pedestal and knee cups

Robson Homes

Length: 305 cm 10` | Width: 70 cm 28“ | Height: Bow: 48 cm 19“ ; Centre 40 cm 16“ | Weight: 16 kg 35 lbs | Volume: 390 ltr. 103 gal | Material: Armerlite